In-Person Coaching

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What is In-Person Coaching

In-Person coaching includes Full Coaching as well as individual face-to-face sessions with me each week. These can be done at either Goodlife West End or at my personal studio.

Full Coaching:
– Personalised training program that has tutorials on how to perform each exercise. On the days that you train solo you’ll have your program on your device ready to walk you through your days session
– Nutrition coaching that is individualised for you! We set goals that are achievable and layer it with a whole heap of education so that you start to create knowledge for lasting results
– Live tracking sheet to help me coach you on-the-go and to help you start to see that patterns in your biofeedback – ie your body sending you messages on when to push harder and when to back off
– Endless mindset support! This isn’t just about your physical fitness – this is about you living your best, most full life!

Pricing for In-Person Coaching:

$80pw – 1 x 30min PT session + full coaching
$100pw -1 x 45min PT session + full coaching

$130pw – 2 x 30min PT sessions + full coaching
$160pw – 2 x 45min PT sessions + full coaching

$180pw – 3 x 30min sessions + full coaching
$210pw – 3 x 45min sessions + full coaching

$240pw – 4 x 30min sessions + full coaching
$265pw – 4 x 45min sessions + full coaching

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