About Me

Kimberly Moynihan

Hi! I’m Kim and I am so happy you’re here.
I’m a wife to Sean, a mumma to Lochie (who has autism) & a dog mum to Capone!
I’m also a qualified personal trainer, certified nutritionist and multiple business owner… you could say I’ve worked out how to prioritise my own health and wellbeing in amongst a very full life.
My health journey has been on many twists and turns. From putting on over 40kg when I was pregnant and only a few years later ended up 48kg, sick with an autoimmune disorder and significant digestive issues.
I healed myself back to health, slowly.
From my health issues my passion for wellness, and helping others, was formed as well as drive me to never take my own health for granted ever again.
Since then not only have I transformed my own body, I went back to competitive karate and was able to win a few golds internationally.
My attitude truly is, if I can do it so can you.
You are worth it!